Karnataka Planters' Association

Karnataka Planters' Association

World Scenario

  • According to ICO, World production during the crop year (October –September) 2015-16 was 147.994 Million Bags (Of 60 Kgs.) compared to 146.643 Million Bags during the year 2014-15.
  • During this period Arabica production was 83.27 Million bags, a shortfall in production by 1.5%
    compared to 2014/15 production of 84.52 Million Bags largely due to drop in production in Brazil by 5.3% from 45.64 Million bags to 43.24 Million bags due to prolonged drought. Production in Colombia went up by 1.3% from 13.33 Million Bags to 13. 50 Million Bags. Production from Mexico was down by 22% from 3.6 Million Bags to 2.8 Million Bags and Central American countries by 3%. Uganda recorded an increase in production by 27% from 3.74 Million Bags to 4.75 Million Bags.
  • In contrast, Robusta Production was higher during 2015-16 by 3.9% from 57.822
    Million Bags  to 60.117 Million Bags. Production in Vietnam during the year 2014-15 increased to 27.500 Million Bags from 26.500 Million Bags an increase by 4.00% while there was a drop in production in Indonesia from 11.7 Million Bags to 9. 3 Million Bags
  • Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee with 48.423 million bags, Arabica and Robusta combined, in 2015-16. Vietnam is the second highest with 27.500 million bags followed by Columbia at 14.000 million bags.
  • According to ICO India’s production during the crop year 2015-16 was 5.83 Million Bags compared
    to 5.45 Million Bags during 2014-15 an increase by 7.0 %.

Indian Scenario

  • India’s coffee crop for the year 2015-16 was 3,48,000 tonnes, of which Arabica was 103500 tons while Robusta was 2,44,500 which was lower than the Post Blossom estimate of 3,08,000 tonnes .
  • Karnataka is the leading producer of coffee in India with a crop of 2,51,520 tons in 2015-16 accounting for 72.27% share.
  • The Coffee Board’s post Blossom Estimate for the year 2016-17 is 3,20,000 tons consisting of 1,00,000 tons of Arabica and 220,000 tons of Robusta.
  • The KPA estimates that there will be shortfall in production by at least 12% due to delayed blossom and backing showers.
  • Hot and humid weather with high temperatures until March-April and the decline of water resources, has had a harsh effect on irrigation of Robusta estates


Arabica prices ranged between US$ 1.14/lb and US$ 1.74/lb during the calendar year 2016

Robusta prices ranged between US$ 1350/tonne and US$ 2125/tonne during the calendar year 2016.


  • The total coffee exports from India in 2015-16 was estimated to be 3,18,230 tonnes compared to 2,72,144 tons in 2014-15 up by 16.9%.
  • 25% of Indian Coffee exports are to Italy, followed by 10% to Germany and 6% to the Russian Federation.