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Karnataka Planters' Association


  •  Black Pepper is scientifically classified as Piper Nigrumas a member of the Piperaceae family.
  • The plants bear fruit from the 4th to 5th year and continue to bear fruit for up to 30 years.
  • The pepper plant is a perennial woody vine growing up to 15 meter (50 feet) in height depending on the height of the supporting trees, poles or trellises.
  • The fruit is known as drupe and when dried it is known as peppercorn.

World Scenario

  • The world pepper production as per IPC was estimated at 3,74,200 tonnes in 2015 compared to 3,36,200 tonnes in 2014.
  • India is the second largest producer of pepper in the world with 70,000 tons in annual production. Vietnam is the world’s largest producer with 1,20,000 tons.

Domestic Scenario

  • The domestic production during 2015-16 was estimated to be 48,500 tonnes and significantly lower than the previous years crop of 70,000 tonnes.
  • India is one of the world’s biggest consumers of pepper and consumes nearly 60000 tons of pepper annually.
  • The average prices for the period from January to September 2016 were Rs. 675 per Kg.