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Karnataka Planters' Association


  • Tea’s scientific name changed multiple times, but for convenience, botanists classify Tea as Camellia Sinensis.
  • There are almost 80 species of plants under the genus Camellia, native to Asia.
  • Propagated from seed and cuttings.
  • Ready for harvesting in about 3 years
  • Grow up to 16 meters (52 feet or more) if left undisturbed.
  • Cultivated plants are pruned to a height easy for plucking (3ft.).
  • Tea requires minimum 127 cm (50 inches) of rainfall a year and grow better in acidic soil.
  • High quality tea is cultivated at elevations of 1500 meters about sea level.

World Scenario 

  • Global Tea production during 2015 was estimated to be 5200.3 million kgs. compared to 5177.2 Million Kgs. during 2014.
  • India is the second largest producer of tea in the world with 1191.1 million kgs  and 22.9% share of global production. China is the world’s leading producer with 2230 million kgs and a 42.9% share of global production.
  • Ireland, UK are home to the world’s biggest tea drinkers: 2 kgs per annum, per person.

Domestic Scenario

  • Total production for India during 2015 was 1191.1 million kgs. lower by 16.2 Million Kgs.
  • North India production was estimated to be 963.6 million kgs .
  • South India production was estimated to be 227.5 million kgs.
  • Exports from India during 2015 was 228.7 million kgs comprising of North India 131.9 million kgs and South India 96.8 million kgs
  • In Karnataka, production in 2015 was estimated to be 6.5 million kgs.
  • The average auction price in South India in 2015 was Rs. 81.67 and All India Rs. 124.8.
  • 80% of the tea produced in India is consumed in India – 915 million kgs