Karnataka Planters' Association

Karnataka Planters' Association


The Scientific Committee of the KPA strives to provide numerous scientific inputs to the members through various initiatives. The main channels for such input dissemination are:

A: Coffee Area Scientific Symposium (CASS)

The Scientific Committee of the Association organizes the Coffee Area Scientific Symposium(CASS) at designated coffee estates in various coffee growing areas in Chikmagalur. Kodagu and Hassan Districts. This comprises of field visits where the members come to know about the unique cultural practices adopted in the designated estates.


B: Tea Area Scientific Conference (ATS)

The Tea Committee organizes the Area Tea Scientific Meet in one of the member’s Tea Estate, once a year. Here also there are field visits resulting in healthy interaction on various aspects often cultivation” The Director and other eminent Scientists of the UPASI-Tea Research Foundation, Valparai, Tamilnadu, participate in this Scientific Meet, by presenting papers on Various topics on tea cultivation. At that time, they also visit the Tea Estates and give valuable guidance to the tea members.

C: Scientific Presentations at the Annual Conference, the Budget General Meeting and Executive Committee meetings

D: KPA Study Tours

The KPA conducts tours to foreign countries that have made remarkable progress in the field of agriculture related to plantations. The tours offer the member-delegates an opportunity to acquaint themselves, first hand,  with the progress made and the technologies adopted in these countries. On returning from such tours, the KPA disseminates the findings to all members.

E: Circulating awareness about similar initiatives being conducted by other organisations where the KPA has been invited to participate.